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If you own a home business, I think you will agree with me when I say that, the more information you can get to improve your business, the better your chances of selling more your products and/or services, which ultimately supports business growth and real success.

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Hi, I’m Tony, the admin of this website. I reside in Central New Jersey in the USA and my background is in professional sales with a big chunk (32 years) devoted to real estate sales, as a sales associate and broker, mortgage broker and mortgage lending representative. Please see my profile page for more background information.

Our main goal on this website is to bring you information relative to the home-based business industry and the various tools, products and services found predominantly in this business type. We will make our best efforts to bring you information in a manner that is easy to read and understand, but with emphasis on topics of importance to anyone considering a Home-Based Business as an additional income source.

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Subtle Email Marketing

Everyday Internet users receive tons of emails telling them to buy certain products or visit particular websites. While these emails arrive in the inboxes of unsuspecting Internet users each day, most of them pay very little attention to these emails. That is because emails which are blatant advertisements are often viewed as spam. Most Internet users have very little tolerance for spam. Reactions to spam tend to range from simply ignoring the emails and having the email addresses blocked from sending future emails to reporting the emails to their Internet service provider for further investigation. We realize many Internet marketers have difficulty keeping their email marketing subtle. Therefore this article will provide some useful information on how email marketing can be kept subtle so it is not viewed as spam.

One of the most important criteria for ensuring your email marketing is subtle and will not be viewed as spam is to provide something of quality to the recipients. This may include insightful articles, interesting quizzes or other useful facts which members of the target audience are likely to find useful. When email recipients realize an email they received is offering them something worthwhile such as knowledge or information about a particular niche subject they are much more likely to spend some time reviewing the email because they will not consider the email to be spam. In addition to using the creation of this copy to convince recipients that the email is not spam, the business owners can also take advantage of this copy by providing subtle advertising. This may include product references in the articles or links to your website throughout the email.

Avoiding language which makes outrageous claims can also help to keep advertising quite subtle. Using superlatives and describing the greatness of specific products is likely to be viewed as blatant advertising. When this happens, it is not likely that website owners will believe there is validity in anything contained within the email because they will believe the entire email is simply one big advertisement for your products or services.

Another way to keep advertising subtle when running an email marketing campaign is to only send your email to those who are likely to be extremely interested in your products and services. This is important because when email recipients receive an email which does not reflect their interests at all, they are not likely to take the email serious and may view the email as a blatant advertisement. However, when the email is only sent to those who share a common interest the email seems more personalized. In this case the email recipients are not likely to view every product reference as a blatant advertisement because they understand there is sometimes a need to mention products or services.

Finally email marketing remains subtle when the content of the email is written as though it is not coming directly from the business owner. The copy may speak about the products and services as though they are being offered by a third party. This make the advertising seem more subtle because it does not appear to come directly from the business owner.

Finally, business owners can help to ensure their email marketing efforts are not viewed as blatant advertisements by keeping reference to your own website to an absolute minimum. Most Internet users often view links from one website to another strictly as an advertisement. For this reason it might be worthwhile for business owners who are marketing an email campaign to keep links to a minimum and to carefully weave these links into even the most quite benign copy. The links should be provided as though they were only included to provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the products and not as a way to encourage you to purchase these products. It might be worthwhile to consider hiring a writer with this type of experience to ensure the copy conveys the desired message and has the desired effect on the email recipients.


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Marketing Emails to Your Target Audience

The target audience

In theory, email marketing is no different from other types of marketing, especially since the basic principles of marketing apply to email marketing efforts as well. One of the most important of these principles is reaching a target audience, whether marketing is being done via radio, TV, local newspapers or email. The ability of marketers to reach their target audiences and convince them to make a purchase cannot be underestimated. This article will provide some insight into how Web marketers can effectively reach their target audience.

If you are a Web marketer, you might agree that the simplest way to reach your target audience is to allow existing customers, as well as potential customers, to register with your program via a form on your website and decide whether or not they want to receive emails containing additional information and advertisements from your business. When those users register they should be required to enter their name and an email address, a requirement which will allow you to compile a list of email addresses from those potential customers who have expressed an interest in receiving additional information.

Sending your email marketing materials to the members of this subscriber list – also known as an opt-in or a distribution list – is much more effective than sending out a mass emailing to recipients whose email addresses you purchased from another marketer or lead system company. The obvious reason for building your own list instead of buying one is because the group of email addresses you compiled all have an interest in the products or services you offer while there is no information on the other set of email addresses to indicate whether or not the members will even have an interest in the products or services you offer. The not-so-obvious reason is you could be accused of spam mail by using a list you did not create yourself.

Adequate research

Another tip for reaching your target audience is to do adequate research that will help you determine how to communicate with the members of your target audience. The result of this research may help you toi make certain modifications that will yield more positive results. For example, changing the language of your emails to suit the preferences of your target audience members, designing the layout and colors of emails making them more appealing to the target audience and tailoring the emails to include content which is of interest to the members of the target audience are all modifications you might make as a result of adequate research. This type of research can really pay off because it will make your emails significantly more effective.

Still another tip for reaching your target audience when email marketing is to keep your message simple and your advertising message subtle. The importance of such subtlety as it relates to marketing emails is based on perception in the sense that your email must not be percieved as a blatant sales pitch, because this would lead many of your subscribers to an unwanted conclusion about your intent. Perhaps the most important thing you can do in your email marketing campaigns is to present your messages in a clear and concise manner which can be easily understood by the members of your target audience.

Coupling product promotion subtlety with clarity of message will go a long way in helping you grow your list while establishing credibility. If you have any doubts your target audience will be able to understand your message, you can certainly leave information for the email recipients to contact you with their questions, because this interaction can prove to be extremely useful. Through these communications you can learn more about the needs of your target audience and how you can tailor your email marketing strategy to meet these needs.

List member feedback

Finally, it is important to solicit feedback from the members of your target audience so that you can always have the most up-to-date information on how to best meet their needs with your email marketing campaign. This should be done on a continual basis as the needs of your target audience may change over time; but when you solicit feedback from your target audience you must be sure to ask specific questions which require answers that can easily be interpreted. This is important because your ability to read and interpret these answers will greatly impact your ability to further refine your email marketing efforts in conforming to the expectations of your target audience members.