Money-Making Articles are Powered by Keywords

Among the most important features of an article written primarily to generate money are well-chosen keywords, the density of those keywords in the article and the manner in which they are placed within the it. Proper keyword density and placement often enhance the optimization of articles for search engine spiders that scan website pages; and when they do, it is important that a keyword be detected and recognized as a keyword, thus delivering the article to any person who searched for that keyword.

So what is a Keyword anyway?

A keyword is a word that is relevant to the subject of any article in which it is placed, and will be repeated several times throughout the article, since being placed only once would hardly distinguish it from every other word. So when a search engine spider recognizes that a particular word has been placed several times in an article, it will determine that the page containing that article may be useful to users who search for such a keyword.

Over Optimizing Your Articles

While it is important to properly optimize a money-making article, it is just as important to note the critical error in over-optimizing articles for particular words, since such an act would be recognized as “keyword stuffing” which is frowned upon by search engines. In fact, search engine spiders can detect when attempts are being made to trick them into placing articles high in the SERPs (search engine results pages) for a given keyword, and as such, often penalize websites and pages for such acts.

So instead of propelling an article – and the website it is published to – atop the SERPs, keyword stuffing will have the adverse effect of dragging an article and website down in the rankings, in addition to possibly causing other pages of the particular website to be blacklisted from the search engine that discovered repetitive keyword stuffing. Such activity, if continued without regard for the adverse action of one search engine will soon result in similar actions by all search engines.

Keyword Density? What’s that?

Keyword density is how many times your keyword is placed in your article. Most article writers use a percentage to determine how many times they will place a keyword in an article. Consider for a minute that you, as an article writer, completed a 500 word article in which you wish to achieve a keyword density of 5%. In order to achieve such density you will need to have the keyword in your article exactly 25 times, which of course is derived by taking 5% of 500.

While there are hundreds of resources and guides on the Internet recommending one keyword density over another, and the reasons behind the logic, the appropriate density for your articles as dictated by how profitable your articles are, will have to be determined by you. Each webmaster has their own density level they’d like to achieve based on their own past results; but as long as you don’t over optimize and you are generating acceptable profits, you are master of your own density level.

The Right Density

No matter what particular density you choose, it is important to place keywords so that there are more at the beginning and end of the article in order to produce an hour glass effect. Having the right keyword density in your articles makes it more likely that you’ll make money off those articles since they will rise in the SERPs and be seen by an increased number of people.

Good Web Hosts Help Articles Make Money

Choosing a good web hosting company is among the most important steps an affiliate marketer – who relies on articles (Article Marketer) – can take in keeping his/her website or product page up, and marketing costs down; and there are many Web hosting companies to choose from offering a variety of pricing plans for marketers to look over.

Depending on the amount of sites an article marketer intends on building, s/he may want to consider a larger web space for long success, since larger a Web space will often carry a steeper discount off the price. That having been said, however, there is wisdom in testing the waters with a small space where there is uncertainty about procedures, technical skills and/or budgetary concerns in the early days of a marketing business, with the option of adding more space later on; but the marketer must make sure that this option is available.

Uppermost on an article marketer’s list of ‘what makes a good Web Host’ is reliable service, but if s/he hasn’t much exposure to, or experience dealing with, the various Web hosting providers it may be difficult to determine which provider has the most reliable service; so under such circumstance s/he might have to rely on reviews, recommendations from friends, or awards earned by Web hosting providers in order to make an informed decision/choice.

Reliability and reputation in a Web Host is important, because the lack of either characteristic can be devastating to any Web-based business, and probably more so for an article marketer, since it is almost certain that such marketers will face almost impossible odds in making money with articles in the offline world. So consider for a moment that you are the article marketer and your site is down or it takes too long to open when visitors are trying to get in and view your content; what would your visitors do?

A natural tendency of such visitors in this circumstance will be to click away from your site and move on to the next one, and if this occurs too often, you can see how your chances of ever building a customer base, subscriber list or reliable readership will be greatly reduced. Furthermore, any readers you were fortunate to have visited your website likely not revisit in the future since they will remember the bad experience they had at your website.

It is for this reason that some of the more established marketers who can afford it opt to host their business sites with the larger, more recognized hosting companies where you can check references for reliability and consistency in providing acceptable reliable service to the marketplace. On the other hand there are many small hosting providers that offer space for as low as $1.99 to $3.99 per month; however, you never know what you will be getting, and many of them want you to pay for at least a year’s worth in advance.

The happy medium for a article marketing beginner is a Web Hosting company that offers the most reliable hosting at the most affordable prices; and such a gosting plan will be ideal for marketers who can create their own small sites – or have them created – and then find space for as low as $3 to $4 per month. However, if you need to choose a company that offers a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) website builder, then you will probably end up paying $10 to $15 per month for the smallest amount of space.

Of course, if this is the only way in which you can build a site, then it is necessary to do it and get your business started. Keep in mind that some web hosting providers may also offer a deal on a yearly domain or other products when you make a web hosting purchase, so this is another consideration that could enter your decision-making equation.

Ultimately, whatever web hosting provider you choose will depend on your individual needs and what you can afford; and hopefully you will be able to snap up a well-managed, reputable providerwell-managed, reputable provider that offers reliable Web hosting service at a low price with the option to upgrade your service as needed. Good luck!